ALG Engineering Works.



Pre Engineered Buildings

We are specialised in project management and erection of pre engineered buildings in commercial and industrial sector. Executed works with pioneers in pre engineered building industries.

Our Range:

  • Factories Sports Facilities Hostel building warehouse cold storage
  • Reliability: ALG comes with optimised design resulting in cost effective viable solutions.
  • Suitable for both light and heavy industrial structures in house facility for efficient & customised design computerised Engineering & design process.


  • Single window solution
  • Energy efficient
  • Economical & cost effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Provision for future Expansion
  • Architectural versatility
  • Speedy construction
  • Aesthetically Appealing

Light Gauge Steel Framing System

LGSE assembled from cold formed galvanised steel profiles. In the gaps between the elements of the frame heat insulation material is placed and the frame is supplied with insulation material is placed and the frame is supplied with surface layers made of various materials, forming a layered structure.


  • 100% Eco Friendly 
  • Fire Resistant
  • Light weight yet very strong
  • Split or wrap and is non combustible.
  • 100% recyclable not vulnerable to any type of fungi or organism.
  • Seismic properties

Pre Engineered Hybrid Buildings:

we are specialised int the hybrid building for commercial & industrial sector. These building are combination pre engineered framed with light gauge of wall cladding. It can be used for multi-storey building which is more reliable & speedy


  • Single window solution
  • Provision for future Expansion
  • Economical & cost effective 
  • Energy Efficient
  • Engineering Flexibility Architectural versatility
  • Low maintenance 
  • Multi Story adaptability 


we offer multiple profile sheeting of different material GI, PPGI etc. on Different colour rs.


we offer Varity of cladding material based on requirements which includes cement board, Gypsum board, metal sheets, wooden panels, Brick or stone solutions etc.

False Ceiling:

We offer Varity of False Ceiling Method like grid ceiling, plain ceiling, designer ceilings and materials based on requirement which includes Cement / Gypsum Board / Tile, Metal Ceiling, Mineral Fibre Tiles etc.